Breweries in the former DDR – Their History, Their Beers, Statistics

This is a list of the breweries currently operating in the six states of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland which formerly comprised the DDR.

In 1989, the last year before the fall of the old DDR regime, total beer production was 24 million hl. Unification and, more particularly currencey union with West Germany, caused a dramatic fall to just 7.5 million hl in 1991.

Unsurprisingly, many breweries were unable to survive such drastic developments and there were many closures in the early 90’s. With the rekindling of interest in local products in the East, the situation has considerably improved since. At a time when in Germany as a whole beer ouput is declining, the only states to have shown any growth are in the East. In the year 2000, production was back up to around 20 million hl.

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